Celebrating twenty-five years as a reliable provider of premium seafood products

About Us

Seafood 2000 Ltd is a producer of high quality seafood products located in the picturesque community of Georgetown, Prince Edward Island.

With a goal oriented management team and skilled employees who take pride in their work, the dedicated Seafood 2000 Ltd. team, continues to satisfy customers throughout the U.S, Europe, Canada and Asia. Committed to producing safe, top quality products, Seafood 2000 Ltd will compete in and thrive in the 21st century marketplace.

Our Mission

Seafood 2000 Ltd. is committed to supplying the consumer with the finest, high-quality products in a consistent manner year after year.

Seafood 2000 Ltd supports these goals with a corporate philosophy of adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all its business dealings, treatment of its employees, legal, social and environmental policies. Senior management provides the human and financial resources required to produce food safely in compliance with all regulatory and customer requirements.

Our Resources

Seafood 2000 is based in Georgetown, a central fishing village located in the province of Prince Edward Island. The province is home to over 1,000 licensed commercial lobster fishermen. This strategic location has direct access to the desirable cold Atlantic water where lobster thrive.

Seafood 2000's strategic location is in one of the most prevalent areas for lobster in the entire world. With Canada accounting for approximately half world lobster hauls, with the Eastern Atlantic region (PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) providing nearly 80% of Canada’s lobster, Seafood 2000’s location is ideal.