Jobs currently available at SEAFOOD 2000 in Georgetown, PEI

SEAFOOD 2000 LTD values each and every person working at our lobster processing plant located in Georgetown, Price Edward Island. The company produces a wide variety of world-class cooked lobster products, plus an ever-expanding line of delicious tasting raw lobster products, for the global marketplace. If you are interested in joining our SEAFOOD 2000 team, please check the list of jobs available at our Georgetown, PEI, seafood plant. Please fill in the form below.


We are currently recruiting employees to work on our production line. Note: Night shift is also available.

Several positions are currently available:

  • Removing meat from lobster shell
  • Packing and weighing lobster products
  • Grading live lobsters


The company is looking for employees to join our SEAFOOD 2000 management team. If you have some experiences in the food industry and are looking for a leadership role, this position could be for you.

Production Line Worker