Seafood 2000's state-of-the-art facility, encompassing 66,000 square feet, is capable of processing large volumes of high-quality, live lobster. In 2008, our company was one of the first lobster processing plants to embrace High Pressure Technology on the production line. The company has deployed two Hyperbaric Pressure Process (HPP) machines in order to fulfil the ever-increasing demand for our products.

To produce the freshest lobster products possible, Seafood 2000 has integrated live-lobster holding tanks with the capacilty to store up to 200,000 pounds of lobster. Storing lobster in cool sea water helps preserve that tender, delicious, fresh-from-the-ocean flavour that Seafood 2000 is known for - worldwide.

In today’s global marketplace, in order to provide customized solutions for our clients, SEAFOOD 2000 LTD has invested in numerous packing equipment acquisitions including thermoformers, tray sealer and skin pack machine. Whether we are required to freeze product using air, gas or brine - our company has the latest tools required to achieve product perfection for client satisfaction.