Seafood 2000 produces a variety of cooked and raw lobster products.

Cooked Lobster Products

Seafood 2000 offers a wide selection of world-class cooked lobster products.

Our state-of-the-art Laitram Cooker produces a low-temperature mixture of air and steam which constantly circulates inside the chamber. This ensures the outside of the product is not overcooked. The result - more of the natural moisture is retained as each lobster part is cooked to perfection.

As a reliable provider of 100% natural wild produce, Seafood 2000’s quality control process is applied at every step of production.

Raw Lobster Products

Not only do we offer world-class cooked lobster products, we produce an ever-expanding line of delicious tasting, raw lobster products.

Our high-pressure-processer separates 100% of the meat from the shell, removing the juicy lobster meat intact is accomplished far more efficiently than with traditional extraction methods. Our frozen products have a shelf-life of approximately 2 years. Meat for our raw products is easily extracted once lobsters have been separated into their respective parts. And our "in-shell" lobster products make meat extraction simple for the end consumer.


  • Raw Whole Lobster
  • Raw Split Lobster
  • Raw Lobster Tails
  • Raw Lobster Meat